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Massive Multiplayer
Online Gaming

With more than 14 years of experience in online activities, campaigns, marketing and games, ewalk has become one of the most powerful e-marketing hubs of the Middle East.

We do love
playing our games!

Ewalk online game studio, is an online solution provider and game development company located at the heart of Iran –Tehran. Ewalk has produced some of the most popular Persian games such as mr90 and gorz.

Eye-catching design, impressive user interface, the good connection with users and offering attractive scenarios are the most important goals of ewalk.

We’re now proudly serving over 1 million active users all around the world and still want to expand our services.

The average of over 14 years of experience in web development and 7 years in online game production, have made ewalk one of the most powerful e-marketing hubs of Middle East.

Creativity is finding
the best companionship

As an online marketing expert, we’ve been the official consultant of a variety of brands, companies and well-known media. Ewalk has also worked on some joint projects with some of the biggest advertisement companies of Iran.
There’s a compact list of these partners below:

If you own a business and you think you need an online solution or you’re an online activist, feel free to contact us via the contact page. We’re always ready for a great partnership!

500,000 Warriors, millions of quests

The goal of users is to gather a powerful army of soldiers and heros, equipments and magics to invade the other users in a live quest and come back home with victory, glory and a level up!

Free Online Strategic mythic game

Gorz.ir is the most popular online strategic game in Iran. Gorz was officially launched in 2012 and has served more than 500,000 users in its two servers since then.
Gorz is also known as the most unique web-based game of recent years because of its different style of gameplay and the perfect usage of the avant-guard technologies such as websocket in order to bring live and transactional scenes on the web.

Address: www.gorz.ir

550,000 Clubs, millions of matches

Mr90 reached the record of average of more than 5,000 (unique per IP) registers per day in a month and collected more than 550,000 active coaches in just one year.
This game is available in Persian right now but will ready to publish in English soon.

Free Online Football Manager

Mr90.ir is an online football game developed in 2012-13 and launched in 2014.
Eeach user in mr90 owns a football club and the goal is winning the 1st title of the main league by training the whole squad, coaching the team, choosing the right strategy and tactic, observing opponents games, transferring players at the right time and playing well in the field!

Address: www.mr90.ir
Tel: +98 21 77 92 93 64
Fax: +98 21 77 92 93 64
Email: info@ewalk.ir

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